what I create

MyChizuα About[English] α released. is a tool to easily create a customized map.
“Chizu” means “map” in Japanese.

Arrange your travel photos on a map,
Place your wanna-go restaurants on a map,
Tell your girlfriend the landmark or meeting place for a date on a map,

Try it!

MyChizu Demos are here


  • Every map has a unique url, but unless you [LOCK] it, anyone can edit the map ( if they can access the url ). If your map get linked, search engine crawlers might find your map, so unless you want to edit the map with others, you’d better [LOCK] your map after some editing.
  • I might delete maps which doesn’t have access for a while. I will mail you if it’s [LOCK]ed, before deleting. Your e-mail address won’t be used for other purposes.
  • MyChizu specification may change without an announce.